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Our Story

Tony & Maria in Lexia 1999.jpg

Our family-owned wholesale business has been established since the early 1980‘s.

We supply a large number of quality garden centres, major supermarkets, hardware’s and landscapers across WA.

Gen & Roses 1988.jpg
High Wycombe construction of shade house 1985.jpg

It all began in 1980 when Tony and Maria decided to convert their farm in High Wycombe. After experimenting with different ways to make use of the land, they decided to start growing plants.

Tony & Maria and their children Michael, Robert and baby Gennifer in the pram would spend their weekends selling plants at the Midland, Subiaco and Canning Vale markets. As their clientele grew, they cleared more land to extend their range and built shade and hot houses to be able to accommodate the different varieties of plants that were in demand at the time. Eventually the market stalls became well known and the retail nursery in High Wycombe was born.

Gen & Palms 1986.jpg
Tony & Gen 1991.jpg

In 1997 the family made the decision to expand the business north of the river.

From then a Garden Centre was built with Michael running production and Gennifer in charge of sales. During those years the business grew to supply Perth’s leading landscapers, supermarkets and florists.  

Garden Centre 1999.jpg
Michael & Ethan 1997.jpg

Today the grandsons Ethan and Isaac are also a part of the business and over the last 24 years the nursery in Lexia has grown to be a well-regarded grower and supplier of a variety of indoor and outdoor plants, citrus, deciduous trees and Frangipani'

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